Twilight - Special edition (2008)

When you can live forever what do you live for?

Plot outline

Bella Swan moves to Forks and encounters Edward Cullen, a gorgeous boy with a secret.

Personal notes



Bella Swan moves to Forks and encounters Edward Cullen, a gorgeous boy with a secret. - Holland

Bella Swan has always been a little bit different. Never one to run with the crowd, Bella never cared about fitting in with the trendy girls at her Phoenix, Arizona high school. When her mother remarries and Bella chooses to live with her father in the rainy little town of Forks, Washington, she doesn't expect much of anything to change. But things do change when she meets the mysterious and dazzlingly beautiful Edward Cullen. For Edward is nothing like any boy she's ever met. He's nothing like anyone she's ever met, period. He's intelligent and witty, and he seems to see straight into her soul. In no time at all, they are swept up in a passionate and decidedly unorthodox romance - unorthodox because Edward really isn't like the other boys. He can run faster than a mountain lion. He can stop a moving car with his bare hands. Oh, and he hasn't aged since 1918. Like all vampires, he's immortal. That's right - vampire. But he doesn't have fangs - that's just in the movies. And he doesn't drink human blood, though Edward and his family are unique among vampires in that lifestyle choice. To Edward, Bella is that thing he has waited 90 years for - a soul mate. But the closer they get, the more Edward must struggle to resist the primal pull of her scent, which could send him into an uncontrollable frenzy. Somehow or other, they will have to manage their unmanageable love. But when unexpected visitors come to town and realize that there is a human among them Edward must fight to save Bella? A modern, visual, and visceral Romeo and Juliet story of the ultimate forbidden love affair - between vampire and mortal. - Summit Entertainment

When Bella moves to the rainy, cold and cloudy town of Forks to live with her dad, she doesn't expect much. She's kind of a misfit and doesn't have a lot of friends. But when she meets the extremely mysterious and handsome looking boy, Edward Cullen everything changes. As the two slowly grow closer, Bella stumbles upon Edward's most deadly secret and they begin to realize they have a very strong love for one another. Edward has been waiting for a long time for a soul mate and Bella is the one. But the closer he gets to her the more difficult it becomes for him to resist her blood. The two know they are entering a forbidden relationship and that they have to face many dangers just because they are together. Will Bella trust her heart or the warning signs going through her head?

Without expectations, the mature high school student, Bella Swan, relocates to the rain-soaked town of Forks to live with her father, after her divorced mother decides to remarry. However--as life is as exciting as it is unpredictable--the taciturn newcomer has a life-altering encounter with her withdrawn and morosely beautiful classmate, Edward Cullen, who, right from the start, senses the intoxicating effects of a dangerously suppressed feeling gnawing at him. Now--harbouring the deep and dark secret of vampiric immortality--Edward's insatiable thirst for warm blood stands in the way of experiencing a much nobler, and yet unfulfilled feeling. Little by little, as shocking revelations pave the way for an all-consuming whirlwind romance, innocent Bella's mortal flesh yearns for the palpable wonders of immortal love; even if her unquenched desire may lead her to her demise. Is this unconventional union nothing but a dream, or is this the prelude to an unending young passion? - Nick Riganas

Isabella Swan moves to gloomy Forks to live with her father. As she starts her junior year in high school she becomes fascinated by Edward Cullen who holds a dark secret which is only known by his family. Edward falls in love with Bella as well but knows the further they progress in their relationship the more he is putting Bella and those close to her at risk. Edward warns Bella that she should leave him but she refuses to listen and to understand why he is saying this. Bella learns his secret. He is a vampire, however she is not afraid of his blood-thirsty needs and the fact he could kill her at any moment. Bella is afraid of losing him, the love of her life. The thrill begins when a new vampire finds it a challenge to hunt Bella down for her irresistible blood. The game is on and James will not stop until she is killed. - courtney

Bella Swan was not expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen when she moved to live with her Dad in Forks, Washington. But this where her life truly begins. There she meets Edward Cullen, a mysterious and captivating student at her new high school. Bella soon discovers that Edward is hiding a secret, after he impossibly saves her life with his super-human strength and speed. She is determined to unravel his secret, but the truth is more terrifying than she realized. Edward is a vampire. Any normal person would just keep away from him, but Edward and Bella have fallen passionately and unconditionally in love with each other. And so begins their forbidden relationship between a human and a vampire. But the young lovers soon discover that their troubles are only just about to begin. - Mel from the Untied Kingdom.