Kopps (2003)

Hvis du tænder på: - stramt siddende uniformer - citron halvmåner med varmkaffe - blå blink og bah-buh lyde vil du slå gnister over KOPS

Blu-ray, 1h 30min
Rating: 6.7
Votes: 19125
Languages: Swedish, English
Director: Josef Fares


When a small town police station is threatened with shutting down because of too little crime, the police realise that something has to be done... - Yocke

Police officer Benny is obsessed with American police cliches and livens up his own boring everyday life with dreams of duels with bad guys. But poor Benny and his colleagues doesn't have much to do in the small town of Högboträsk. Most of their days are spent drinking coffee, eating sausage waffles and chasing down stray cows. Peace and quiet is the dream of every politician, but for the Swedish authorities, the lack of crooks is reason to close the local police station. When the cops investigate a suspected act of vandalism, they realise that they themselves may be able to raise the crime statistics high enough to stay in business. - Yocke (yocke@hotmail.com)

The sleepy town of Högboträsk has no crime, aside from the occasional wandering cow and only three cops who liven up their days by eating waffles, or in Benny's case daydreaming of American cop style shoot-outs. It's a life that Jacob and his fellow officers love and one that looks to change forever with the threatened closure of his beloved police-station. A town with no crime has no use for cops, so the station decides to quietly make some crime of it's own, with chaotic and very unpredictable results.....! - marxthedude (marxthedude@yahoo.co.uk)