Don Juan DeMarco (1994)

The story of the man who thought he was the greatest lover in the world... and the people who tried to cure him of it!


A psychiatrist must cure a young patient that presents himself as Don Juan, the greatest lover in the world. - Francesco Potorti`

Well-respected psychiatrist Dr. Jack Mickler is only 10 days away from his retirement. A week before he is due to leave, he encounters a young man who attempts suicide--would be a pretty straightforward case except the young man claims to be Don Juan, the fabled Spanish nobleman and world renowned seducer/lover of woman. Despite original hostility from his co-workers, Jack manages to persuade his associates to put the youth in his care for 10 days after which the youth will undergo an evaluation to be either released from psychiatric care or sent to a mental institution. However, as the 10 days progresses, Dr. Mickler and the other staff become gradually drawn into to the young man's exotic world of love, passion and pleasure as he recounts his story to them. Whilst doing so the man's philosophies and zeal for life and love begins to revive Dr. Mickler's somewhat passionless relationship with his wife, Marilyn as well as challenging his own views and ethics to the point where both he and the audience begin to question: could this young man truly be Don Juan? - LadyN1

In present day New York, a young man believes he is Don Juan, aware of where he is and that this is the 20th century. Regardless of the validity of his claim, he is able to seduce women in his complete conviction of who he is. He becomes under the psychiatric care of soon-to-be retired Dr. Jack Mickler at Woodhaven State Hospital when he becomes suicidal over losing who he believes is the love of his life, Doña Ana. Don Juan believes that Jack is nobleman Don Octavio de Flores. As Jack tries to convince him that he is not Don Juan in what are Jack's final ten days of practice, the two come to an agreement that Don will do whatever Jack says, including being medicated and possibly being committed, once Don cannot convince Jack of who he says he is. As Don tells Jack his story, Jack eventually meets people who purportedly know Don, they who provide conflicting stories both to each other and to Don's account of his life. Beyond what Don tells him, what Jack decides to do is influenced by the pressure he is receiving from the hospital's chief of staff, Dr. Paul Showalter, not to confirm the notion of Jack having chosen his work over these last few years of his practice, and the type of retirement life he wants with his wife of thirty-two years, Marilyn Mickler. - Huggo