Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

Prepare for extinction.

Plot outline

When humanity allies with a bounty hunter in pursuit of Optimus Prime, the Autobots turn to a mechanic and his family for help.



When humanity allies with a bounty hunter in pursuit of Optimus Prime, the Autobots turn to a mechanic and his family for help. - Anonymous

After the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons that leveled Chicago, humanity thinks that all alien robots are a threat. So Harold Attinger, a CIA agent, establishes a unit whose sole purpose is to hunt down all of them. But it turns out that they are aided by another alien robot who is searching for Optimus Prime. Cade Yeager, a "robotics expert", buys an old truck and upon examining it, he thinks it's a Transformer. When he powers it up, he discovers it's Optimus Prime. Later, men from the unit show up looking for Optimus. He helps Yeager and his daughter Tessa escape but are pursued by the hunter. They escape and Yeager learns from technology he took from the men that a technology magnate and defense contractor named Joshua Joyce is part of what's going on, so they go to find out what's going on. -

For five years after the Decepticon invasion of Chicago, the Autobots were granted sanctuary into the Earth. Believing they are a threat, they were secretly eliminated by an elite CIA unit with the help of a Transformer bounty hunter, Lockdown. Because of this, Optimus has since lost his faith in humanity after the ambush that caused his injury and even considers leaving the planet until Cade Yeager, a mechanic, convinces him to reconsider his faith in humanity after helping him slightly recover. Together with his family, they join the Autobots to exterminate the bounty hunter, the reincarnated Megatron (in the form of Galvatron), and the Cemetery Wind (elite CIA unit tasked with killing Transformers). - Jeffrey Dulay Fragata

Five years after defeating Sentinel Prime and Megatron in Chicago, the Autobots have gone into hiding after the government deemed all Transformers as threats, and thus, began to hunt them all down. The government have thus replaced the Autobots with their own Transformers using technology from the fallen Transformers. For a reward, Texas mechanic Cade Yeager finds a truck that turns out to be the leader of the Autobots known as Optimus Prime. As the government hunts down all Transformers, Cade and his family are involved in the business between a bounty hunter and Optimus. - Kris S.

After five years the battle of the Chicago, the Nest have been shut down, and a retired CIA- Harold Attinger formed an organisation to hunt down the Autobots, believing they are the ones bringing the risk to Earth. So, any alien must be eliminated. Therefore, Optimus, an autobot leader, order his team to hide from the humans. - Tony Saw

Five Years after the Battle of Chicago, The Autobots are known now as a Threat to Humanity. A CIA Black Ops Unit known as Cemetery Wind begins hunting down the Autobots and killing them. In Texas, Inventor Cade Yeager finds a broken down old truck and decides to sell it for an Auction. He then finds out that the Broke Down Truck is Optimus Prime. Cemetery Wind then finds out Where Optimus is and Invades Yeagers Home. Yeager, His Daughter, His Daughters Boyfriend, Optimus, Bumblebee, Crosshairs, Drift and Hound are now on the run and wanted by the US Government. And to make things worse, A Bounty Hunter coming from Cybertron known as Lockdown is after Optimus and is Allies with the Government. And now They are all on the run and It's up to them to stop Lockdown and Cemetery Wind. - ahmetkozan

In the devastating aftermath of the fight for humanity, an enigmatic group strives to alter the course of history as an ancient force of evil plots the destruction of mankind. In order to defeat it, Optimus Prime (voice of Peter Cullen) and the rest of the Autobots must join forces with a new, resilient band of humans who will fight an epic battle that will determine the fate of the entire human race..